Spring Special for students from Ge4 universities: Sailing I Cross-cultural team-building skills

May 19, 2018 to May 26, 2018

Interested to do something really different this spring? During this International Student Sailing Week you will learn the sailing basics while enjoying the Adriatic Sea and discovering stunning Croatian islands. But that is not all! You will also build your knowledge and skills in the area of cross-cultural team-building. A professional skipper by your side will take care of your safety. You will be on board of excellent, clean and safe yachts.

Students from Ge4 member universities get 10% discount!

Hurry to register!

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Tohoku University Japanese Program 2018 (TUJP2018)

This summer intensive program provides students of our partner institutions with an opportunity to discover Japan through diverse learning experiences in English. The program offers intensive Japanese language classes for both beginner and pre-intermediate learners, topical seminars in Japanese culture and society, a home-stay, and other cultural activities including field trips.

Qualified students may apply for a Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarship of JPY 80,000.

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FASStrack Asia: The Summer School 2018

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the National University of Singapore will be offering FASStrack Asia: The Summer School 2018 from 25 June to 27 July 2018.

This 5-week summer school will focus on Asian-related topics and issues to offer students an insight into the fastest-growing region in the world. We offer courses in different disciplines such as Asian Studies, Sociology, Geography as well as Public Health with special emphasis on various Asian regions. There are also Asian language classes on offer. Some of these courses feature an 7 to 9 days’ field trip to countries such as Taiwan, Korea, India, Indonesia, as well as local field trips in Singapore.

The application for FASStrack Asia: The Summer School in June 2018 will open from 15 December 2017 till 15 March 2018.

Information is also available online at



Hanyang International Winter School (HIWS)

December 26, 2017 to January 12, 2018 and January 26, 2018 to February 20, 2018

Students will have the chance to experience intellectually stimulating and culturally-enriching short-term study program in arguably the most beautiful season of the year in Seoul, Korea.

It is a two- week program which will have two different sessions, each from December 26, 2017 to January 12, 2018 and from January 26, 2018 to February 20, 2018. As a sister program of Hanyang International Summer School(HISS), HIWS offers a good mixture of academic courses and cultural related courses.

Students can take up to 4 credits per session. Please refer to the attached document (Brochure 2017-2018.pdf) for course list.

3 activities (Ski trip, Nanta performance, Lotte world) and housing (Dormitory / Residence) is free of charge. (All included)

More info:

PDF: Brochure



Annual Ge4 Meeting 2017

13-17 February 2017 / UTM Johor Bahru, Malaysia

For the 21st time, the Annual Ge4 Meeting 2017 will connect engineering academic institutions from all over the world. This is a prime opportunity to meet colleagues from different Ge4 universities, broaden your academic engineering network and find new partners and friends. The purpose of the meeting is to closer present exchange possibilities provided to our members through Ge4 network, with the special focus on collaborations with Malaysian universities, and as always, further search for new ways of moving young engineers around the globe within the network.

An additional opportunity that should not be missed is the UTM study abroad fair which takes place just two days before the beginning of the conference (February 14th and 15th). This fair will be visited by thousands of UTM students seeking study abroad opportunities and is a great chance to promote your institution, programs, and summer schools. For those who are interested, you can arrive in Singapore the weekend prior, and we will organize a visit to the NUS Engineering School and Nanyang Technolgical University on Monday, February 13th before proceeding to Johor Bahru, which is only 45 minutes by bus from Singapore.

More details about the Annual Ge4 Meeting 2017 and registration at:
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Speech Henri Conze GE4 VIENNA

Twenty years ago, due to the impulse of Gertrud Humily, a group of friends originated from different European countries decided to implement an association, GE4. At that time, our objective, at least mine, was to participate to the dream of a new era born at the end of the cold war and with the emergence of the new information technologies, but also just after the new step of the European construction decided with the Maastricht treaty. We wanted to be more opened between us and we wanted to be more opened between us and the rest of the world thanks to the development of stronger relations between universities and between students. North America, south America, Asia, Russia were our obvious partners to develop these relations.

Twenty years later, where are we, where is our dream, how better is our Europe ? Unfortunately I believe that the answers to those questions are far from being optimistic ! Indeed, the Damocles sword of the nuclear cataclysm has been dropped, but an other threat, terrorism, and an other enemy, Islamic State, have taken over. Paris, Brussels and other cities know about that ! As a consequence, we are faced to the growth of political extremism in almost all of our EU nations.

Concerning Europe, what is at stake is no more the issue of which kind of new initiatives do we have to take, but indeed how not to break too much what has been done since the second world war, since Adenauer, Jean Monnet, de Gasperi and others ! What will be the result of the British referendum on the Brexit? What about Greece? What about the will to stay of the new members such as Poland or Hungary ? What about euro ? Answers in a few months !

An other matter of concern is the growing gap between the two sides of the Atlantic enlighten not only by the difficult negotiations of TAFTA, but also, and even more, in the field of digital economy, the next fundamental mine of growth. Europe is big, wealthy and well-educated. It’s where the industrial revolution and great enrichment began. Furthermore, we are stuffed with talented people with plenty of ability and ideas... So how it’s having so much trouble generating fast-growing technology companies ? A consequence of such a situation is the flow of students and young scientists leaving the old continent for the US universities or Silicon Valley where, only for my country, 90.000 scientists are living to-day, a flow far ahead of the opposite one !

Reasons are manifold. Of course, some are linked to the lack of realism or of long term views in the European construction itself : Europe is a free trade area for manufactured goods but not for services and I believe that’s a key reason why the likes of Google and Facebook have blossomed in the US, but similar companies have not formed in Europe. I mention also the markets which are so fragmented and restricted to support such an innovation.

But reasons are also, even mainly, cultural. Respect for creativity, entrepreneurship, individualism and success, are alien concepts to the European in general, such as for the bureaucratic machinery ! What to do in order to prompt the EU to get its head out of the sand and concentrate a little more on the service economy ? What to do against the lack of a risk-taking culture on both the tech entrepreneur’s part, and also the financiers ? Here, failures are seen as a “very bad thing”, rather than a shared learning experience.

Some days ago, I read in a US newspaper what seems to me the best summary of our difficulties : “We laugh at the idea of the American dream but I’m not sure most Europeans even have a dream ! Europe is filled with people just happy with the status quo !”

What I have said could appear as purely negative. In fact , through this testimony of an old man, I wanted to deliver a message. We celebrate to-day the 20th anniversary of GE4, next year we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Erasmus and its almost 4 millions students involved since its creation. Solutions to our difficulties belong to such initiatives. As far as culture is the key, I am fully confident in the youth to overcome obstacles what the former generations have not been totally able to do ! I am fully confident in GE4 and its new team to do the job !





Date: 01 April 2016

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